•   HAPPY 50%
  • EUPHORIC 10%
  • CREATIVE 30%

Somango FF


Somango is one of Solid’s most popular varieties, so naturally it was chosen to create a Fast Flowering option. This plant still offers the main qualities of Somango, but will flower more quickly.

Somango is a 75% Indica variety, a cross between Korean Big Skunk and our very own Jack Herer. Despite the Indica dominance, Somango has an uplifting effect and allows you to remain focussed. It is particularly enjoyed by creative minds. It offers a certain euphoria, but also lets you keep a clear head and stay productive. Its taste has a subtle mango and floral flavour.

This variety has been tailored for indoor growth with the FF version being suited to the outdoors too!


Fast Flowering Description


So-called FF (Fast-Flowering) varieties are rapid versions of classic feminised varieties.

They are created by crossing an elite female clone selected from a group of regular seeds with an elite female auto-flowering seed. The latter is “inverted” in order to produce the pollen which will carry the “auto” gene when they are crossed.

The result of this procedure is a hybrid F1 variety which flowers much faster than its classic siblings, while NOT being an auto-flowering variety.

Once the flowering photoperiod has begun (12h/12h) the FF plant will flower much more quickly and before long will be almost indistinguishable from the classic version of the same variety.

For this reason, FF varieties are perfectly suited for growth in northern regions. By bringing forward the harvest date, the risk of being affected by poor weather conditions is reduced, problems are mitigated as much as possible.




Big skunk korean x Jack Herer

Indica / Sativa

25% Sativa / 75% Indica



50 - 55 days


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