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Passionate seed producers, we bet on quality.

We only sell feminized cannabis seeds varieties with a genetic homogeneity.

The seeds are selected according to their production, taste and effect. We can attest the germination rate exceeds 90%.

These are all crucial aspects for demanding cultivators.


Before hitting the market, every batch is tested to guarantee an excellent sprout success rate.


We only sell feminized cannabis seeds varieties with a genetic homogeneity.


Questions, special requests or bulk ordering ? Do you want to give us your opinion ? You can contact us using the following formular.

We value security and discretion when it comes to delivery. The seeds are protected in a hard plastic flask so they won’t suffer any damage. The whole is packed in a neutral envelope, with no mention of the content.

The Team

He made his first steps in the industry in the nineties, in the North of Europe and Netherlands. After learning it all, Zwi wanted to export all of this knowledge to the rest of the world. At first Switzerland, and then in Spain where cannabis industry was developing great. Rest is history : opened a seed bank where he could use all of his experiences and loving care for details. And SolidSeeds was born !


Director and botanist

Chris is an enlightened cultivator enthusiast. He is always willing to share his knowledge with the SolidSeeds’ clients and he is nice with everyone. This five-star collaborator joined our team three years ago.


Customers Service

We collaborate with passionated seeds producers who seek for perfection. We discuss the varieties to use in order to obtain the best crossings. Their good job receive the SolidSeeds’ appellation.

The lab

He is a cannabis-lover for more than twenty years. Like others cannabinophiles, Alfonso started with a little private culture and basics crossings. When he met Zwi, he started having higher ambitions. They decided to pool their knowledge, create new genetics and share them with other cannabis enthusiasts.


Director et cannabinophile

In our team, we have Maria who joined us six months ago. She is working as customer support employee. She also is an expert in cannabis culture.


Customers Service

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